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  • SawStop

    If you've wondered about the SawStop TS and how it works, there is a thread on SawMill Creek ( ) with some photos that show what happens when the safety trips. From the looks of it (though the post does not say specifically) this thing could possibly damage your blade when it trips. Now IF it trips it is probably going to be in an instance where it is saving you the pain of an injury, and in that case damage to the blade in of no consequence - EXCEPT they should let you know in their literature that the blade mounted int he saw is now toast and should be trashed. The SawStop manual may contain such a warning, but the poster at SMC seemed a little surprised that his blade was no longer flat.

    Anyway, there are some good pics of how the SawStop halts blade rotation.
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    Everything I have read about Saw Stop (albeit, not on their website) insinuates that the blade will be toast following a firing. The reason that his blade may have just been a little bent with no teeth damage might be due to the fact that it had just been turned off and the break was not fighting the power of the motor only the inertia of the blade and associated machinery. I sure would hate the idea of throwing away a $100 blade due to a malfunction, but if it ever saved a digit it would be worth the price of a hundred blades.



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      SawStop could be facing competition soon.

      Interesting blog entry about SawStop and some potential competition
      from PTI (Power Tool Institute) member manufacturers. "I haven't had
      time to read all the articles referenced in the blog but I will be watching
      this issue with interest.
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      "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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        Re: SawStop

        At a tool show a couple of years ago a sawstop rep was showing off a unit and took the time to run through an entire cycle of locking it up, taking out the used cartridge and blade and installing a new blade and unit. It was a very interesting process and while in discussion with the rep he mentioned that the blades teeth that were embedded would at the least be chipped, or broken. I know that you can get teeth replaced your going to have to be running a expensive blade for that to be worth it.


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          Re: SawStop

          I was surprised that a sawstop owner wouldn't know that your blade is toast if the brake activates. It is in the manual and on their website, every salesperson that I have talked to and the factory rep has pointed this out to me.

          I use "was" because when I looked at the SMC thread, I realized that I had read it years before. It was started in 2006, a year after SawStop started selling saws, and I remember a lot of discussion at that time if the blade could be used again. Seems like it was even discussed in this forum around then. Good chance that it wasn't in the manual back then, and it certainly wasn't common knowledge.

          Looking forward to having a few minutes to read the PTI info. I am fascinated with SawStop... not just the technology, but the strong opinions (both positive and negative) the company generates among woodworkers.


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            Re: SawStop

            I would say that if the owner did not know enough about the technology, or the results of the blade stop when firing, he is one of the people that should have one. Anyone not concerned enough or unable to comprehend the cause and effect of using their tools is the type of person who most needs the safety technology of the Saw Stop IMHO.

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              Re: SawStop

              I came across a couple of interesting recent Consumer Product Safety Commission meeting logs concerning blade stopping technologies. Thought they may be interesting to some.

              Sounds like the CPSC has no intention of forcing SawStop technologies on other companies. Also sounds like the PTI isn't keen on mandatory blade brake technologies even if they develop a Sawstop alternative.

              CPSC meeting log 3/1/11

              CPSC meeting log 3/2/11