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Questions about the R5010 Hammer Drill

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  • Questions about the R5010 Hammer Drill

    I just purchased this drill as an all around hammer drill to add to my collection of power drills. There is a knob for the torque setting the first being the "circle" which is for pulse mode then 1-6. After 6 there is a "+" sign, the user manual makes no mention of it. Anyone know what this is for? Also a general question about what settings to use for what application of drilling i'm doing. Why wouldn't I always use the highest torque setting? Is there somewhere I can get a break down of what the rpms are in the different speed setting? Thanks.

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    see page 14
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      So, does it act as a clutch and disengage the drilling action, if so that is a pretty nice feature on a corded hammer drill?



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        Thanks for the info. Wonder why the manual that came with the drill didn't inlcude this.


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          This hammer drill has been out for along time.this technology comes from a green toolmaker.