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  • Considering a power roller, need advice

    Howdy all -
    I am thinking about getting a power roller, and am very interested in finding out what other people have experienced with them. The main two I'm considering are:

    Wagner Paint Crew (with the power roller accessory, obviously)

    Wagner Pro Power Roller

    I actually owned the Paint Crew for a very short time - I painted about 3/4 of a room with it. I ran into some problems, though - it would occasionaly stop pumping paint - the compressor was still running and I cleaned the spray assembly multiple times, but once it stopped spraying, the only way to restart it was to shut it down and clean it out. I was in no mood to call Wagner, so I just returned it.

    Now I'm wondering if I should have tried harder to diagnose the problem - I'm uncertain if it was because it faulty, or if it was due to some built-in idiosyncracy of which I was unaware.

    I like the Paint Crew because aside from being used as a roller, it has the spray capability for outdoor work; however, it was a bear and I mean a BEAR to clean. That's one of the reasons I also like the Pro Power Roller - instead of a resevoir, it pumps paint directly from the can; alas, it has no spray function. There are other products out there, but these are the two that seem to stand out.

    Anyone care to throw in their two cents?

    EDIT: At time of this post, I can get the Paint Crew at HD for about the same price as the Pro Power Roller is advertised on Amazon, but the total cost is not as important to me as getting the most bang for my buck.
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    Funny you should bring this up. I was looking hard at the Paint Crew the other day and had it in the cart, but after I called their 800 number while in the store and talking to Wagner's Tech Support I wasn't so sure I wanted to spend the $200. The reason being that the guy told me that you will have to replace the inlet and outlet valves about every 15 to 20 gallons of paint you run through it, and a set of valves is about $25 mail order from Wagner. HD does not stock the valves (of course) so you have to get them from Wagner. If you are using a thicker paint, you may get less mileage out of the valves.

    The cleanup is another thing that concerned me, and you have confirmed my fear that it would be a PITA to clean. It would be great if they offered a suction option for the paint crew so you could dip a tube in the paint can and go.

    I liked the size of the unit for home use, and I noticed that the HD model is slightly more powerful than those sold elsewhere (1/2 vs 3/8 HP) and slightly higher pressure (2800 vs 2750) not that it would make a difference, could just be the way HD chooses to rate the motor, but the Tech I talked to did not correct me when I asked about the HP and pressure of the Paint Crew.

    There is a $50 rebate AND a FREE roller accessory (both available by mail). The $50 off is great, but the wait 6 to 8 weeks for your free roller is crap. If I am in there buying a power painter its because I want to paint something today or tomorrow, not 6 to 8 weeks from now.

    The periodic valve replacements doesn't bother me that much, but if its a bear to clean I am glad I put it back on the shelf. What is there to do besides run water through it to flush it out? Do you have to remove the filter and valves and hand clean them? How much cleaning or maintenance does the gun require? I know the exterior will need to be wiped down for any splatter and spills, but can you give me detail on what was so tedious about cleaning the Paint Crew?

    I was looking at the Graco Magnum which is about $100 more. But you can work from a 5 Gal bucket. Unit HP, gun pressure, and tip size were all about the same. I suspect the valve replacement issue would be here too with this model. Cleanup is probably about the same except for not having to deal with cleaning out that hopper.
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      It has to be cleaned every time you change colors or don't use it for 24 or so hours, and to clean it you do indeed have to disassemble the spray gun and clean all of the individual parts. It seemed to take forever (10+ minutes) just to clear the lines of paint, and so much paint is wasted in the cleaning process - yes you can replace much of it into the can, but it seemed like a lot of paint ended up going down the drain.

      I guess another option would be to get a paint spray that I could use with my compressor - how are these for spraying walls/ceilings, and are there power roller attachments that I could use with them?
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        I have the Paint Crew, and so far, really can't complain. Yes clean-up does take some time, but I'm not so sure you wouldn't spend as much time doing a THOROUGH job cleaning roller sleeves, brushes & paint tray. While I have only used it a couple of times, I would definatly recomend it for medium to large outdoor jobs. I painted the exterior of my new shop (16'x24') with it (2 coats) and I'll bet I spent less than 1 hour on actual spray time! Sorry haven't tried the power roller.


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          We have an old Wagner, not sure which model it is and recently painted about half the house. After fooling with it for about 30 minutes, decided to do it the "old fashioned way". We used disposable rollers.

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            I was talking to the old gent in the paint department today, and he recommended the magnum series to me -it's a hefty investment, but if they were high quality machinges, I'd consider it. I believe the model you mentioned would be the dx - I was looking at the XR7 (two steps up) - it comes with the upgraded spray gun and very handy cart (you can wheel it around with a 5 gallon bucket attached), as well as the more powerful pump. Does anyone have any experience or stories to share about Magnum/Graco paint sprayers?


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              Used Grayco, DeVilbiss and Kremlin airless and air-assist sprayers for years, and they work well as long as you flush them out after use and oil them as recommended. The Magnum is a good unit. The Kremlin brand is from France, very expensive, and all fittings are fine-thread metric. If you already have the airless spray guns, check whatever unit you buy for the type of fitting on the end of the fluid hose. Some have left-handed threads to prevent getting air and fluid hoses interchanged when using with air assist equipment, and will require you to either use their guns or manufacture an adapter.
              Air assist airless is basically an airless spray gun (high fluid pressure through a very small tip) that also uses regular low pressure air through an air cap to finetune the spray-pattern and increase atomization. It has the advantage of the airless high application rate (with the right tip you can get an even coverage 20" spray pattern with a sharp edge), fine control of the spray pattern, and much less overspray than conventional. There is a little more overspray than the straight airless.
              All of them need thorough flushing after use, but can be stored with clean solvent in the lines. If you use them mainly for water-based paints, I would pump them full of denatured alcohol or mineral spirits for extended storage to reduce corrosion. (Or better yet, follow the mnfgr's instructions)
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                I have been happy with just a paint stick. I had used a friend's power roller and didn't like it one bit. If not getting a combination stick/sprayer, I personally wouldn't spend the extra money. For my buck, just the paint stick (the one where you just fill the wand with paint) is the best option. Plus, the rebuild kits for it were about $5 and I have only rebuilt it once in the last 18 months.