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rough cutting at the start of cut

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  • rough cutting at the start of cut

    My TS3650 has started doing something new. The first 1/2 in. of a crosscut is rough and out of square. The remainder of the cut is smooth and square. Any ideas.

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    Could be that when you start into the cut the blade is moving your workpiece ever so slightly. Try making some sample cuts and apply a little more force on the workpiece back into your miter guage. Or, it could be something completely different.
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      Does your miter fence fit the slot in the table tight or is it sloppy?
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        I have tried more pressure, the cut is made with a crosscut sled. And the rest of the cut is perfect


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          Check the blade for run out. Could be that it has run out and as you get past the 1/2 inch mark the stock holds it true.
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