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Can I cut aluminum with the CMS blade.

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  • Can I cut aluminum with the CMS blade.

    I recently picked up the Ridgid 10 inch CMS. Is the blade that comes with the saw okay to use on an 1/8 sheet of aluminum or do I need to get a metal cut off blade. I will not be doing many cuts, 2 or 3 small cuts but don't want to take the risk in damaging the blade. Thanks.

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    I would certainly not do it. Sounds pretty dangerous and not to great for your saw either. I do have an old Ryobi CMS I don't really care about and have put in a metal cut off blade on occasion to cut some steel studs, but even that is pretty hard on the saw and really messes up the ZCI. I would never do something like that with a saw I cared about or at all with a wood cutting blade.

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      you'd do better getting a metal saw....
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        thin aluminum tubing, window screen metal frames can easily be cut with a fine tooth plywood blade. don't try anything heavy. and don't try anything that is ferrous. ie steel. my buddy owns a hardware store and he uses a makita cms with a plywood balde to do all his screen work. remember the frame is very lite weight. nothing heavy.

        i own a handfull of metal chop saws and a newer dewalt multicutter. this uses a carbide tooth blade and cuts steel like a hot knive through butter. no sparks and cool to the touch. ridgid also makes a similar saw too. much nicer than a abrasive cut off saw. also 3 times the price too.

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          Plumber Rick,
          I'm going to play devil's advocate and say thin aluminum stock won't hurt your blade for an occasional, let me say that again occasional trimming of aluminum (though most blade mfgers do state not-recommended for most all non-dedicated non-ferrous blades).
          However, if you are going to be cutting a bunch of it, at least install a dedicated non-ferrous blade like the Freud TK706, LU90M010.
          While it will not hurt the miter saw, in the end, the life of the blade you are shortening is your blade!!
          Just be extra careful cutting aluminum. Don't think you can "get by" without eye protection by "looking away," (this is NOT wood) and I'd recommend you wear gloves as well (those flying chips of AL are sharp and can embed themselves in your soft tissue!!).
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