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EBAY purchase.....can I still register for lifetime ?

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  • EBAY purchase.....can I still register for lifetime ?

    I just purchased a new 2 1/2 straight finish nailer on ebay. It was part of the combo pack (chop saw / nalier). I won't be getting any kind of store receipt or any UPC either. Is there anything I can do in the way of registering the tool without these items ? Thanks.

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    You can call Ridgid customer support and ask, but I would be surprised if such a purchase would qualify. Without having the agreement in front of me, I believe the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement is available only to the original purchaser. While I understand that Ridgid will honor the registration without the UPC, in some cases; a register reciept is definitely a requirement. Furthermore, they have a way of identifying the single tool purchased item as opposed to a "combo" tool purchase. Either way, as the original purchaser, your covered by the LLSA, providing you properly register the tools. But I think they track the difference with a combo, so as not to have these products separated and sold off as individual items. But, that's just my opinion. Best thing for you to do is give them a call and ask the question.

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      I'd be very surprised if CWS hasn't called it correctly. Seeing as you were not the original owner of the tool, you don't qualify for the LSA and probably not the warranty either.
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        best thing to do is give them a call..


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          I had a similar situation to this, found a couple of Ridgid close quarter drills at a local salvage house and wrote Ridgid about LSA for these since they did not come from an authorized reseller. I have tried to find my response from Ridgid and cannot, but my best recollection is that they said IF I could produce a document from the salvage company that they would have received from the folks who sold it to them (and I assumed this was to insure the Ridgid tools were not stolen) then I could submit this as evidence and possibly receive the LSA.

          I did not pursue this to its end so cannot say that they will do it, but it definitely indicates Ridgid will consider reasonable requests.

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            Hey Steelwoodworker!!

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              Thanks Lorax!!
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                I emailed RIDGID and told them of my situation. The said if I could get a copy of the original receipt, they would honor the warranty. Great customer support, I must say. Heck, I was so pleased I went out and bought the 1 1/2 crown stapler (R150FSA) this evening. Thanks to all of you that responded.