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Ryobi Router bits any good?

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  • Ryobi Router bits any good?

    saw the 40 piece set at HD the other day did not look to shabby for $100.00 1/4 inch shank but no big deal if not hogging red oak all day.

    So has somebody tried them as of yet?

    I mostly use Freud or CMT.
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    i am guessing that the metal is not a carbide bit. i know that if they are like the hickory foresster bit sets, they won't last. i always try to pick up a bit here and there and try to get quality not quanity. that is a finishing bit and the last thing i would want is to ruin a 50 dollar dresser top or cabinet top.


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      Ryobi Router Bits

      As a statrter set, they are not bad. However, as mine have lost their edges, i have replaced them piecemeal with quality bits. That way, the bits I use most often are really good bits. I used the entire set of original Ryobi bits to learn on.
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        I tend to agree with FINER9998. However they really did not last to long for me (I got a 15 piece set or so for a gift one year) and they dulled out pretty quick. There were a few in there that I rarely use and are still ok though, but anything else that I use often I will buy of better quality as bhen said.

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          Ryobi bits

          I agree with the dudes here, I bought the 40 piece set and have used them
          as a trainer set, some seem to last longer than others and the ones
          that dull out are replaced with better quality. Not bad for a starter set.


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            Thanks Fellow wood workers.

            I thought that at $100.00 could not be that good.
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              I bought that set. Ruined a $75 piece of counter top with the flush-trim bit because it didn't cut flush. I returned that set, too.


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                I've tried Holbren bits in the past and they seem to hold up pretty good. I haven't tried the ryobi bits but the general consensous is that holbren bit would be better (at least from what i found on the net) I just got in on a special at Bt3central for a 35 pc set for about 55 bucks. Just received them last night. C3 carbide with half in shanks. In my opinion can't beat it for the value alone. Just for the record I'm in no way affiliated with holbren bits except that i've used them in the past.