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    To Whom It May Concern,
    I Am In The Process Of Starting A Business And Getting Everything Going Is Sometimes Difficult. Roughly Seven Months Ago I Went And Bought Half Of The New Tools I Need. I Bought A 12in Compound Miter, Circular Saw, Sawzall, Jig Saw, Compressor, Nail Gun, 2 Sanders And A Couple Other Small Items. All Of These Are Ridgid. Since That Time I Have Enjoyed Using These Tools And Recomended Them Highly To A Lot Of People. I Am Getting Ready To Go And Get The Rest Of The Tools I Need And Ridgid Was The Brand On My List, However After The Last Two Weeks My Opinion Is Changing.
    On 1/28/06 I Placed An Order For Three Power Cords That Got Damaged In My Shop. At The Time Of The Order I Was Told 2-5 Days For Delivery. On 2-4-06 I Still Had No Cords So I Called And Was Told At That Time One Of The Cords Was On Backorder And Would Not Be In Until 3-1-06. I Was Also Informed That They Were Going To Wait On Shipping The Other Two Until That Cord Was In. I Spoke With A Manager And Told Him I Could Get By Without That Cord But Needed The Other Two And I Expressed The Fact I Should Have Been Contacted With That Information. He Then Told Me He Would Have The Two Power Cords Shipped First Thing Monday Morning 2-6-06. Today Is 2-11-06 And Still No Cords. I Have Lost A Job That Was Supposed To Be Completed On 2-9-06. At This Point I Am Extremly Dissapointed In The Amount Of Customer Care That Is Following The Sale. The Reputation Is One Of The Reasons I Chose Ridgid And Is Now Making Me Think Of Looking Else Where For The Rest Of My Shops Needs.

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    ridgid service

    I have a ridgid wood lathe that has a couple of small parts broke handles and such. I have been trying to get them replaced under the warranty and have had no luck. all I get is run back and forth to service centers which are 40 miles from my house. I get this same kind of service from harbor freight at half the price.


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      They're power cords for goodness sakes, not internal parts where you usually need OEM parts. Why didn't you just repair them or have a local fix it shop do it for you? You could have been back up and running in a few minutes and gotten that job done way before it was supposed to be.

      I don't want to get preachy but you'll find out that in business things like backorders, broken promises and other unforeseen problems happen all the time. To be successful you have to learn to work around these types of problems. If you don't all you'll end up with is a huge ulcer and no customers.
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        Badger dave is right all you had to do is go to a local repair center and they would have been done.and probally cost less. and let us all remember you are not dealing with the ridgid corp. you are dealing with ryobi(OWT)DOWN IN SOUTH CAROLINA.
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          While it's no excuse for poor service, if you're in business with your livelihood depending on your tools, you really should have backups and/or the ability to workaround, improvise, and/or move on with your needs. A power cord repair is a pretty simple task. Actually, I'm sure you would have found it a pretty rare instance if any of the "old-timers" every ordered a new cord... just a quick cut, splice, and electrical tape and you're back in business. While I would still want the job done properly and a new cord, I sure wouldn't let it stand in my way of getting the job done.

          It seems that parts are a challenge in every business. But I hate when it happens and I do agree with you that Ridgid can and should be more responsive. But, I wouldn't blame the loss of the tool for loosing a job anymore than I would find myself calling a client and telling him I can't deliver because my computer just broke down. There are some things one just needs to plan for and have a backup plan ready to put into action. I learned a long time ago that the "what if" question needs to be S.O.P. if you want to stay in business.



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            To put it another way;

            If you're in business with your livelihood depending on selling tools, you really should have common spare parts available to keep your customers up and running so that their down time is minimal. Of course, if you are not interested in service after the sale, then don't stock parts and keep your customers hanging waiting for parts that never come. If you're not going to stock parts, or your spare parts processing has such a long lead time that most would consider it inconvenient to wait, then be up front about it and let the customer know that they could be back to work sooner if they were to visit a local repair shop for items such as replacement power cords.
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              advice: if youre selling the power tools, better stock the parts.. trust me..


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                i bought the ts 3650 and the herculift system had one part that was too long,so i called ridgid and tried to get them to send me the correct one, well they sent me one, but the wrong one, so i called again, and still they sent the wrong one, at this point i was getting P***** so i told the Customer Rep if i could talk to a supervisor, they said that i couldnt get the same color because they were in the middle of a paint color upgrade, or something to that affect, about 4 days later they sent me a whole new system, it was the universal one that could be use on most rigid tools, I didnt even want the dam thing all i wanted was the bar that had the two holes for the ubolt , anyways about 2 weeks after that ups brings me a package , yep it was a bar but still the wrong one, it wass the identical thing that i already had, grrrr so i call again, wheewww talked to another rep, tried to explain to her what i needed , well about 4 weeks after that i finally got the right one, and a month later I got another one, and just last week I got another one, some service huh, now i have a whole system which i dont want or need, so i will you guys good luck when you want to get replacement parts, end of story


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                  Wow - That Is Dedication. I Have Never Seen So Much Capitalization In a Sentence.


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                  We all hate those types of people- but about this new breed, who capitalize the first letter of Every Word, I have mixed feelings. I'm an english snob (the language not the nation) so at first I was horrified - but I came to see that this obviously wasn't born out of a caps lock key or laziness - this took time; that was some painstaking work - that dude must have pinkies the size of my forearms. I applaud you, Garret. Your writing may be unconventional, but passionate - and it's damned fine work.

                  Nay - it's damned fine ART.