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bandrollers for a band saw

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  • bandrollers for a band saw

    Hello everyone I was just wondering if it is a good idea to use bandrollers on my 14 in bandsaw. also cool blocks. I have had a saw for a few months now.Any thoughts on blades I am a partime woodworker in 12x24shop thanks.

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    If you can find bandrollers to fit your particular saw, they are a good idea. Mine is an old Craftsman 12" and I was able to find Cool Blocks to fit and got them.

    There are also some books out there on "fine tuning" and the use of a bandsaw. That was probably the biggest surprise to me, just how versatile this tool really is.

    What brand is your saw, the BS1400 by Ridgid?

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      A newbie to bandsawing I am, but not a newbie to woodworking. I read good reports on Timberwolf blades and have used a 3/4" for re-sawing on the BS14002. It's superb. Talk to the folks who make/sell them and they'll steer you in the right direction for what you want to do.
      Good luck.