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Rigid battery operated jig saw

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  • Rigid battery operated jig saw

    Hi folks, I'm a newbie to the site and was wondering if anyone knew where I can buy a battery operated Rigid jig saw. I live in san nDiego and the HD folks said they're not made anymore...say it ain's so. Thanks in advance.


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    not much luck here

    Found one as part of a kit on e-bay, but the starting bid is ridiculous.
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      I'd go to your local HD and ask them to do a remote SKU lookup. That'll check the the stores in your district to see if anyone has one in stock. That was was clearanced a while ago so i highly doubt there will be any left but it's worth a try.

      If none are left anywhere i guess ebay is your next best bet.


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        Like I've been saying (although no one believed me) it will be in a drill/jigsaw combo kit. It's at my local Home Depot. $229. 164601 is the SKU. Call first and make sure they are there. Old batteries though. Buy it and eBay the drill if you don't want it.
        I don't work for Ridgid and I don't work for Home Depot but I likely know more about both than someone who works at either.


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          Has it really been discontinued or is the Ridgid web site that far behind? It is being show here on the site.

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            Some reconditioned ones come up on Amazon when I searched froogle but they say they currently unavailable.

            Saw a couple on ebay:



            Both come sans battery.

            I'd like to get one some day but I'm so broke right now I can't even pay attention.


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              Hi I bought one in Nov. for $129.00 the man in HD said they may be discontinued however when i wrote Ridgid they said no. Now I try to find another at HD and they said the same thing discontinued so again i write Ridgid and this time they said yes discontinued as single items . Didnt mention a kit . Anthony


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                I got my jig saw in the mail last may I think! Had bought the kit in Dec 04 and the rebate came with another battery too. It sadens me to heare it might be discontinued. It is a very fine tool, very solid in your hands. Im happy to have it!
                Be safe out there folks
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                  Two of my local HD are selling the battery Ridgid jigsaw as a combo with another tool. I am sorry to say that I was in such a hurry (had a friend stuck up in the hills and needed a tow strap and HD was the only place open that early) that I did not notice what was the other tool it was packaged with. It may have been a cordless drill? If I need to go back anytime soon I will post back as I don't see it online. (Hope I wasn't hallucinating! )

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                    My Local Borg has three

                    marked down to 129.99. Send me a line if you want one. Willing to help out a fellow forum member.


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                      I've seen them in two local stores (portland, or) in the last week. At one store I was specifically looking for one, saw none on display, but on a shelf up high there were 12 of the jigsaw/drill 18v combo kits. the kit was $230. If your local HD is willing to do a search of local stores you might be able to find one.