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  • Zci

    Ok guys I tried to do a search on this but came up with nothing and I know it's been discussed a lot here. I have a TS3612 and want to make a ZCI for it. Can anyone step me through how to make one and what they made it out of?

    Thanks, Jason

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    If you want to know how to make a ZCI, check out one of the August Publishing magazines websites like for Workbench and Shopnotes. They should have an on-line story on how it's done. Also, you might want to try WoodSmith store or Woodcrafters stores. They have the high density plastics and other materials, used to make a ZCI for your model table saw. If those fail, try a piece of MDF. I've heard of ZCI's made out of that. You cut it with a jigsaw or bandsaw to match the profile of your existing table saw insert. Then do a final shaping and finishing with a belt sander or ROS. It gets shimmed to meet existing table height or drill it for some small allen heads to adjust up to existing height. It gets installed with the blade fully retracted. Lay a heavy sheet of plywood or 2x4 or 6 over the ZCI and clamp the lumber so the ZCI cannot move upward. Turn on the saw and SLOWLY raise the blade so it carefully cuts its way through the ZCI. Continue until you get whatever height you need from the saw blade. If you're going to cut really thick stuff with it, you may need to raise the blade all the way up until it hits the end of its stop. When you reach your max height. Turn off the saw. Let it coast to a stop. Unplug it and remove your clamps, your sacrificial lumber on top and then retract the blade down through the ZCI. That should do it for you. Hope this helps. Jim D.


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      Here is one I got from here I think

      For a dado but same for regular
      Not responsible for speeling mistakes