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Need a portable air compressor

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  • Need a portable air compressor

    I have a new brad nailer and want to get a portable air compressor to go with it. My friend brought over his 17 gallon husky and it handled any task we threw at it (brad or finish nailer). Problem is that I don't want to haul a 17 gallon air compressor around the house, inside or out.

    I saw one of those Husky easy-air compressors at HD and it looks like a good deal. Now it would work for my brad nailer, but if I ever get a finish nailer, do you think it would handle the task? It says it pushes 2.0 SCFM at 90 psi. Is that good enough for a finish nailer? Anyone with any experience with this?

    By the way, I saw at Lowe's that they have a similar sized Task Force air compressor that pushes 2.7 SCFM at 90 psi. I just haven't heard anyone ever use one of these before, but I'll take any opinions on either compressor.

    Thanks a bunch guys,

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    I bought my parents a husky easy air last year and when i do demos at the home depot i use the easy air because it's small and portable and has sufficient air flow.

    It definatly has enough air to power 18ga brads, 18ga stapler and 16ga finish nailer continuously because the amount of air it uses to push that small faster in to the wood is very small and the tank can refill itself way before you ever make it drop enough in pressure to notice a difference. So for what you want to use it for i'm sure you'll never run out of air. Heck even when i do framer and roofing nailer demos i use the easy air and i get around 5-8 nails in a row before the heads stop going all the way down.


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      i may have the husky your talking about and it works great for what your doing and to fill tires , but if you need it to blow air to clean some thing you need to tie it into a storage tank .

      i have that set up in my shop and when i need air in the house or somewhere i have a portable air compressor

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