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Thoughts: RIDGID 18V Hammer drill/C- Saw set

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  • Thoughts: RIDGID 18V Hammer drill/C- Saw set

    Hi all,
    I'm in the market for a new drill and saw this set online at Home Depot: (EDIT: Apparently,I can't link directly to the page, but if you look under all Ridgid tools and scroll down the set for $179.99 you can see it.)

    It's a reconditioned set and I understand the risks that entails. My question is, can I use this hammer drill the same as I would a regular drill? Or is it only for masonry work? Thanks!

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    yes you can use the hammer drill the same as a regular drill and here's why. It has a switch on it to go from drill/driver to hammer. Just remember when going through masonry use the highest speed setting when drilling into masonry, makes life alot easier. as far as being a remanufactured her's my take on it. I've had two 4 peice sets now for a little over three years, haven't had no problems yet with any part of them not even the batteries. Trust me we use them hard!!