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need to thread some 2 1/2 inch bars..

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  • need to thread some 2 1/2 inch bars..

    Does ridgid make a threader that will thread a 2 1/2 in solid round bar with 12 threads per inch?thanks,Keith

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    the largest i found in their catalog was 2'' x 4.5 tpi. unc.
    fine thread was 1.5'' x 12tpi.

    my buddy owns a precision machine shop and they can cut almost any thread sae or metric, straight or tapered.
    check with your local machine shop. keep in mind that a custom set of die chaser can be cut for a die head, but unless you have a tremendous amount of threading, it wouldn't pay for the initial cost. a 2'' pipe threader will open up just enough to fit 2.5'' od. as far as the proper cutting speed, it might be too fast to cut such a fine thread.
    is there even a nut that is threaded this fine?

    phoebe it is


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      Rick, I actually run a machine shop and have for over 20 have quite a few 2 1/2 inch rods we thread now on one of our lathes and we also have a oster pipe threader we use too..the threader will thread alot faster and cheaper than the titanium inserts we use on the lathes..thanks!!