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Anyone use the Ridgid Cordless Screwdriver?

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  • Anyone use the Ridgid Cordless Screwdriver?

    Hi - I was wondering if anyone used the Ridgid Cordless screwdriver and could provide their feedback. Is it powerful enough compared to the cheap Black and Decker 6 volts?


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    I don't have the RIDGID model you are asking about, but, I do have the DeWalt DW920-K2. It is rated at 80 in/lbs and it is a good driver for switch plates etc. it was about $99.00. I've had it for three years (daily use) with no trouble. Used within reason, this little guy performs very well when used with, say drywall type screws 1 1/2" and shorter or machine screws.
    I don't know about the Black & Decker 6volt Pivot Plus, it also mentions 40-80 in/lbs of torque, but at just 6volts, it will turn quite a bit fewer screws.
    The Sears Craftsman 4.8 volt Impact Power Driver is actually an impact driver and has monstrous torque for a pivot screwdriver at 175 in/lbs; for just $49.99.
    The Ridgid R81030 screwdriver delivers 100in/lb and I've heard it will be competitively priced to the DeWalt unit.
    If you are patient, Bosch will introduce a 10.8-volt Pocket Driver and 10.8-volt I-Driver will also launch in early 2006. These units may make all the other brands play catch-up for a while, and with the Li-ion battery type they will no doubt be very strong for their size.

    Clear as mud?
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      Ridgid 9.6 volt screwdriver

      I've owned the Ridgid for several months and I'm satisfied with it. The battery life is good and recharging is fast. The tool sounds good when you use it (sweet sound is always a good sign) and the driver has given me no trouble so far. The new Bosch twins with lithium power look great, but it will take time to see how the batteries and charger play out in day to day use.

      If you buy the Ridgid driver, I think you'll be satisfied and that LSA is a powerful argument for the Ridgid.


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        Battery Charger?

        Does anyone know if the 9.6V screw driver battery will charge on the twin rapid max charger? Or is it a completely different battery? I was just wondering because already have a twin rapid max sitting on my workbench and would rather not have to have another charger sitting there.




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          Yes the rapid max charger will charge the 9.6 batteries even though your particular charger may not have it listed on there. The reason 9.6v it isn't listed on the charger may be because when you bought your charger Ridgid didn't have the 9.6v batteries out.


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            Works great...

            I also have the Ridgid cordless screwdriver. It feels very solid and packs plenty of power. I am more and more impressed with the quality of Ridgid tools.

            I used to have the DeWalt. Until the Ridgid came out, the DeWalt was the only cordless screwdriver on the market that was worth anything. I know at least 3 or 4 people who own the DeWalt and like it. I've encouraged all of them to buy the Ridgid.

            And yes, you can use the charger. You can also use the screwdriver's charger to charge 18v and at least some other Ridgid batteries.
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