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What's the best way of applying wall texture?

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  • What's the best way of applying wall texture?

    I currently only need to do patch work, but eventually I'm going to be doing some new drywall too, so I need to be able to do a whole room at a time, so I'm not bothering with the spray cans.
    I was thinking about getting one of those texture guns that hooks up to a compressor, where you invert the hopper on top. HD only sells one, and it's like $50 - should I be looking elsewhere or at other devices? I know Magnum/Graco has a standalone unit, but it's like $500 or something.

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    Could rent one.

    As they say you can rent one but for $50.00 might be better to buy for the future.

    I guess this is your call.

    As the cans are like $12.00 a piece for the large knock down stuff but

    worked real good when I redid my late fathers house.
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      If you own a compressor a hopper gun is all you will need.
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        I use the hopper gun connected to an air compressor and it works great for me. Really is cheaper than renting (unless you don't own a compressor!) and is quick and easy.

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          I have since used the hopper gun with my compressor and, after some practice, was AMAZED at the results. I'm pro now!

          At first I was getting discouraged because it seemed to be taking FOREVER for the texture to dry after it was sprayed - I kept thinking that I was spraying wrong somehow because no matter how I wiped down, the texture "melted" together leaving no discernible pattern. I used so much knockdown that I went back to HD and bought some more - still premixed, but this time in a big bucket instead of the little ready-filled hoppers.

          WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Before the texture went on like a handful of spit (gross); the new pre-mix came in a consistency equal to that of drywall mud. I *barely* thinned it - maybe a half cup of water to a full hopper - and the results were terrific. My dad's a painter and my uncle's a drywaller, so I've seen my share of pro textures, and I did a pro texture job. It was awesome. Give me a cookie.

          EDIT: By the way, an empty hopper (slightly larger than the pre-filled, with an extra-wide mouth) and a 13.6 liter box/sack of pre-mixed texure cost less than two 2.2 liter pre-filled hoppers - if you're doing more than one small bedroom, it's definitely a better idea to fill your own hopper.
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            I bought one of those black plastic guns that take the pre-mixed hoppers from HD and ran back to return it when I seen the Spraying Mantis at Lowes for about the same price. BIG difference in quality.


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              Wow right after I sprayed the texture, I was at HD and saw that they had a 'pro' grade sprayer, stainless steel parts, for just like $20 more.
              I just started working at Lowe's this week; I'm going to check that out.