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Ridgid lithium ion batteries???

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  • Ridgid lithium ion batteries???

    I had a rep tell me the other day, that Ridgid is coming our with lithium ion batteries within the next 6 months.

    I called Ridgid and the support team said they didn't have any information on it. They didn't say yes or no. Anyone else hear anything. I think they're offering the lifetime rebate to clean out current stock.


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    Until shortly before a product is actually introduced and made available for sale there is little reason for Customer Service to have any knowledge of a new or in the developement stage product. That more than anything else is more than likely the reason your call to Ridgid ended up with a non answer.

    I doubt if the Lifetime Service Agreement is being offered solely to clean out their current stock of batteries either. The LSA also applies to their corded tools as well. If Ridgid does in fact introduce lithium ion batteries sometime down the road look for them to also be covered by the LSA.
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      I hope you are all having a nice day lusting for the battery power that Milwaukee has. Rigid will get it, in time.

      6 months...........maybe, what do you think BG(PC) or BT

      Am I smart enough for you??

      Have a nice day.


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        Apt pseudo....

        Stop being an ***. Not everyone needs 28V Li-Ion tools. Not everyone is a contractor, and even if YOU'RE a contractor, I doubt you have even half the line. Many of the tools are specialized and/or useless across the trades. Stop bagging on the guy because he's asking about maybe getting a better battery.


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          New Ridgid Batteries

          2.5 ah batteries on the way, but 24V Lithium coming soon!!!


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            The new Ridgid batteries and tools will be in Home Depot in June, they are using the same technology as Milwaukee,Lifetime warranty still applies.