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TS3650 and Ridgid Joiner

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  • TS3650 and Ridgid Joiner

    Well after waiting for several months I bought both the joiner and the TS3650. One word to describe them both is SWEET! I am well pleased with the tools.
    BUT...the directions for the saw need to be upgraded some..namely the section on the floor lift. It took a while to figure out which bolts went where since they didn't specify lengths here. The positive side of Ridgids packaging is the fact they put the bolts,nuts etc in blister packs..separated..not in a bag and good luck finding them. That helped simplify things greatly.
    I only found one thing that wasn't dead on from the factory and that was the fence to blade scale(off 1/8") this took about fifteen seconds to correct.
    I could have gotten a good deal on a well known brand (10% over cost) but I
    had my heart set on the Ridgid saw(I used Ridgid tools in the piping industry for years without a failure)I'm positive I made the right choice.
    Well done Ridgid.

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