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Anyone used Ridgid Random Orbital Sander R2600

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  • Anyone used Ridgid Random Orbital Sander R2600

    I'm thinking of purchasing this sander and would like some honest opinions of those of you who have used it.



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    Originally posted by bstreyle
    I'm thinking of purchasing this sander and would like some honest opinions of those of you who have used it.


    Hello Bruce,

    I am on my second one and the jury is still out but so far so good. The first one I received for Christmas and I returned it about 2 weeks ago to HD. The first one did not sound or act right from the beginning I had only used it for about 8 to 10 hours. This was my first ROS. The new one works great and works like I thought a ROS should.

    The first ones pad did not turn like I thought it should at first but over a period of time it started to turn faster and faster till it would not slow down, I guess the brake went out or was bad from the beginning it also made a clanking sound which got louder and louder.

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      Click on the Search prompt at the upper part of the page then type in R2600. You should come up with around a half a dozen threads that deal with this ROS.
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        i have not been impressed with this sander. i would not buy another ridgid sander. i have had problems from day one on the switch. there will be a long hesitation before it will start. i have used dewalt and porter cable and have liked both.


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          I've been using both the R2600 ROS and the R2500 1/4 sheet sander for about two years. I'm a home owner and have used them from everthing from sanding new boards to refinishing and even leveling out old paint surfaces. Bottom line is I really like them both. The extra length on the cord is very handy, as is the lighted plug (easy to know what it is I'm unplugging and if the receptacle or extension is "hot".

          The exchangeable pads are also nice and certainly beat the heck out of those adhesive-backed conversion pads. I've found that I prefer the velcro type sanding sheets for most work, but there have been occasions where I have used the PSA sanding discs and the Ridgid conversion is quick and IMHO the only way to go.

          I have had no problems with either sander and both work very well, fairly comfortable to use and they do a good job of sanding using either hand or both. The annoyance, is that on occasion, I accidently hit the sliding switch and turn it off while in use. The braking mechanish and soft-start work well though and I haven't marred anything in the process. But that said, I don't know how else I would design the switch. I have an older sander where the switch is more of a toggle device located on the front. It is tricky to turn off and I find that annoying... the Ridgid design is a great improvement, inspite of my occasional slip.

          Before I purchased the Ridgid, I had borrowed a Makita. The latter was more expensive, quite a bit noisier, and it's dust collection was terrible as compared to the Ridgid. I have been very happy with my R2600.



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            Honestly, I wouldn`t waste your money. In the last year I`ve gone through two of them. I chose them over more tried and tested brands because it was the most comfortable. First one up and stopped working in after two weeks of work, took that back and exchanged it for a new one and the second one stopped another ten months later. Same thing, just up and stopped in mid use. Since it was way past the timeframe I had to return or exchange it, I took it to home depot to be sent out for repair. three days later they called me back saying that they can`t send it out and I have to deal directly with Rigid to either get the part needed or get it repaired. Since I`m a carpenter for a living and I use my orbital several times a week, I don`t have time for tools that stop working or tools I need to go through a run around to get fixed. I`ll get it fixed, but since I needed a sander the next day for a mantle I was building, I bought the comparable Porter Cable sander when I brought it to the Depot to drop off. Really burns me though that in one year time I`ve gone through three sanders and paid for two when the first one should have been right.
            This is not the only Rigid tool I`ve had trouble with BTW. I also have some of there platform stands that the handles broke on inside two months. Home Depot wouldn`t replace them for me either but directed me to Rigids web site instead where I could order the parts. I havn`t bothered since I can adjust the hieght on them with a wrench.
            I do also own a Rigid twelve inch compound miter saw. I bought it for a flooring project as a homeowner before I was a carpenter. Although this saw will not do what I need it to do on the jobsite and I had to get a DeWalt, I had no complaints with it in the capacity I did use it in. I have since given it to a friend and he has had no complaints either.
            All in all though, I can safely say I won`t be buying any more Rigid tools. I need tools to be there when I need them and not in the shop getting fixed. Considering that I`m a finish guy and therefore seem to need at least one of everything, lots of folks on and off jobsites ask my opinion on what tools to get. I will henceforth be telling them that in my experience Rigid tools are unreliable and prone to breaking and the so called warrenty is almost more hassle than its worth.
            Good Luck. I`d pay a little more for the Porter Cable, DeWalt, or Bosch. Milwaukee has a nice one too, but its hard to find.