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Question about ts2400 0deg set screw

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  • Question about ts2400 0deg set screw

    I originally posted this in another spot, but didn't get any responses. I'll try here.....

    Hey all. I'm new here and to woodworking in general (learning and loving it). I just purchased a ts2400 after first buying a cheap Ryobi and realizing that it just wouldn't cut it (pun intended). While setting up my new machine I realized the blade wasn't quite square to the table. Following the directions for alignment was straight forward and I could get the blade square, but when I would tighten the set screw down, it would move the blade out of alignment. Am I only supposed to tighten it down until I feel a bit of resistance? Thanks for any advice in advance.
    One other thing, the throat plate does not seem to have any kind of spring/clamp on the rear side to hold it place and when I tighten that screw down it pushes the rear side up. If I don't tighten down, it seems it would rattle like crazy. Any thoughts? Is this normal?
    Anyway, sorry for the long first post and thanks again.

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    I have the TS3650 but I think they use the same insert. First, the screw should be snug, but does not have to be torqued down hard. Too much torque will cause the insert to pivot on the front leveling set screws. 2nd, the insert that came with my saw has a tang on the back edge that slides into a slot in the table recess. If yours is rising up, you can build up the tang with tape to get a snugger fit.
    Before doing either, tho, make sure you have leveled the insert with the table top by adjusting all four adjustment screws to where they contact the bottom of the insert recess and the insert is even with the table all the way around. Uneven adjustment will cause the insert to rock as the holding screw is tightened.
    Hope this helps, and enjoy the new saw!!
    Practicing at practical wood working


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      Thanks for the reply Gofer. I was expecting that the throat plate screw needed to be tightened VERY snug. I guess not. I have yet to use my saw. Of course, the first project I pick out ends up needing a jigsaw primarily! Go figure.

      Anyone else have thoughts about the 90 degree set screw?


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        Hope one of the 2400 owners pipes in to verify this. As I said, I have the 3650, which is a beltdriven/arbor type. I tried to pull up the manual on the 2400. but all I get is the left side of the page.
        That said, the 90 Degree adjustment may be the same. On the 3650, the set screw in the top of the table IS the stop adjustment. When you get the blade square (vertical), you leave it. I had to adjust mine when I got the saw and i have put it to quite a bit of use without having to readjust. (Without checking, I am assuming it has a selflocking-type nutplate). I was also surprised there wasn't a locking feature, but looking at the geometry of the set-up, I guess it isn't needed.
        Hope this helps.
        Practicing at practical wood working


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          Thanks! That makes sense. In the manual they say to loosen the set screw and adjust the blade square. Then, with the bevel lever locked, tighten the set screw back down. That's when I would get the blade knocked back out of alignment. But, I like your idea of using the set screw as the adjustment. Thanks again.


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            I had the same puzzle with the 0 deg set screw when I setup my ts2400. After a bit of playing around and looking at the arrangement, I decided the set screw is to only make contact, not be tightened down. Once I had figured that out, it took a couple of tries to get in right on. Since then I haven't noticed any movement with several months of use.

            The insert comments Gofor made were right on. They apply to the ts2400 100%.

            Its a great saw, and is even better with a higher quality blade(s) than the OEM blade.