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Laminate Trimmer R2400 feedback

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  • Laminate Trimmer R2400 feedback

    Just purchased the R2400 laminate trimmer. I have been using my father's Makita trimmer. Not as a laminate trimmer but rather as a router. The smaller size seems to suit my needs better than a full size router. Anyways, I have made the switch from DeWalt to RIDGID with most of my new purchases, (got the complete line of RIDGID nail guns as well), and would gladly like to hear from those of you that have the R2400. Good and bad comments are welcome. Thanks.

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    Nice tool , great price too

    I purchased one about a year ago.

    I think it's a great buy. The case is a nice touch to keep things organized and the soft start was a nice suprise instead of the old jurk and twist my old machine gave me every start-up. I don't find I use the variable speed control much. It also has a great feel in the hand, a well balance tool.

    I'm very happy with my Ridgid. As a matter of fact it was my first Ridgid purchase, I was so impressed I purchased several other Ridgid items.



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      Great little unit and I have been enjoying it immensely.
      Power is great, soft start is great, etc.
      I built a doll house for my daughter and the unit got into places no normal router could have.

      Only down side is that the depth adjust is very crude.

      Here are a couple of reviews from the web I read before I bought mine.


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        Just like the other guys said, the lam trimmer is a great buy. I picked one up about a year ago and have been very pleased with the soft start, power, durable case, included accessories, and fit/finish. I use the lam trimmer more than my router for hand held routing jobs (at least for my 1/4 bits).