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need input on battery life for 18 V

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  • need input on battery life for 18 V

    I got a 18 V Ridgid to replace my porter cable 12 V that i had for 5 years. I hung fence all day many times on my 12 V PC with one or 2 batteries. I hung only 5 panels this weekend with my new 18 V ridgid and went thru 3 battery chrages. I am not bashing the drill, I just need input from other users if this is the norm, becuase it is unacceptable for what I need the drill for. Please comment if you have this drill. Maybe I got a couple dud batteries????? thanks...

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    Poor battery life has plagued the Ridgid cordless line, this has been documented in tests of 14.4V models in two magazine comparisons that I’m aware of. Not being able to perform at the same level as your 12V PC appears to be excessive though, you may have some defective batteries.



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      You may need to cycle the batteries through a few charge-discharge before they are up to capacity.