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    I don't know if they sell the edge guide or not, but you might try clamping a straight piece of wood to your project and using that as a guide. Good 'ol Norm made it look pretty easy (of course!) on his router series a few weeks ago.

    Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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      I checked out the new router combo at a couple HO stores here in Canada. They don't have them in stock yet but they are listed in thier system.
      Only problem is the price. They will be $299.00 Canadian.
      If the US price is 199.00, you add the exchange, freight etc, it should only be around 260.00 CDN.

      We are getting ripped off in Canada.


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        With all due respect. . .

        I'm a forum newbie but am somewhat a Ridgid Tool Fan. However, they have some major strikes against them. First, manufacturing for everything (to my knowledge) has been shipped overseas and usually China. Second, who can think of a worse move than to have Home Depot as the primary retail outlet. HD flat out sucks and the posts in this thread support this. I mean come on, as a consumer you have to go in and practically beg them (if you can find someone to ask) to look and see if the router is in stock.

        It took me two weeks to get a Miter SUV when they went on sale recently for $99.00 because I couldn't get any of the loafers in these stores to verify it for me. I finally had to take in a printout from the internet to have the customer service desk to verify the pricing.

        Plus their customer service has no clue when called upon.

        My point in this "long-winded" dissertation is that Ridgid does very little to foster consumer loyalty. I own their 12" Sliding CMS, Jig saw, the cordless reciprocating saw, cordless circular saw, 13 amp circular saw, cordless drill, hole saw set, screwdriver set and pliar set, and probably a few others that I can't think of. When it came to routers, Bosch IMHO, has it all over Ridgid. I've had to deal with their customer service and they do know that they're in the router business. Anyway, thanks for letting me rant. I've really become a dissatisfied customer of Ridgid and HD. In case you couldn't tell.


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          Okay Guys,

          Well after reading some of the fuss over the lack of an edge guide, I decided to take a run over to Home Depot to see what the dimensions were between the locating holes. Actually was wondering if the guide for the Ryobi routers would fit.

          Well, the Ryobi guide is a bit too widely spaced, but only three steps down the aisle I found the Porter-Cable accessory edge guide ($14.95) and guess what... the holes line up perfectly with the Ridgid base!

          Now, I sure wasn't able to take the PC guide out of the package, but I did hold the guide up to the base and you can sight through the holes and they certainly appear to line right up with no problem.

          So, if that is all that is holding anyone up, there does seem to be an alternative. It does seem a bit strange though, that considering all the other features of the Ridgid, that they could have, (and should have) provided the edge guide too. Oh well, who knows what what lurks in the hearts of the product marketing folks?

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            Porter Cable guide #42160 fits perfectly!

            I've been in the market for a router and saw the combo set over the weekend at our local HD. After checking out the reviews online I decided to take a shot with it.

            Luckily my Home Depot is more accomodating than most(probably because it just opened). I really need a guide and remembering CWSmith's recommendation to look at the Porter Cable I asked a passing employee if it would be kosher to make sure it would fit. We ended up with a router and the guide all spread out on the floor and gave it a try.

            To make a long story short, it fits like a dream. I'm thinking the guys at Ridgid had the Porter Cable guide in mind when they designed it.

            I wanted to confirm CWS's recommendation to anyone looking for a guide.


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              Thanks for checking that out and posting the results. It looks like a very good guide and the price certainly seems right. I think this should work out well.

              Thanks again,

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                My review of the router combo

                Hi guys I just signed up so I could give you some info on the router combo. I ran about 250 bf of maple through it so far, and it has performed very well. The motor is very smooth, and has plenty of power.

                I have it mounted in a rockler offset table with a incra jig fence, works very well. Buy the way I used a PC 890 series plate for the table and it bolted right up, I did have to modify the through table hole so it would work but was not difficult at all. Also had to remove the handles as they stick out a good bit.

                The only dislike I have is the bottom collet nut, The retard that designed it needs a bullet for messing up a otherwise perfect router. If you use a large bit and need to give it a extra snugging be prepared it will not be easy. Do yourself a favor and buy a decent 1 1/8 open end wrench for it, will save your knuckles from a beating. The self lock button is fine for small stuff but when you need the bit real tight you will see what I mean above.


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                  R2930 Design Flaw ??

                  I have an observation & question for anyone that has mounted the R2930 fixed base to a router table AND mounted the acrylic dust collection adapter. After having done so, I eagerly tried to put the thru-the-table T-handle onto the end of the height adjustment screw. I soon found out that the small Philips head screw for the D/C adapter blocks the path of the T-handle. I re-drilled the hole in the table, but soon realized that would not work because the hole in the magnesium fixed base is still the culprit.

                  My question is: has anyone else experienced this problem? RIDGID tech support says this is the first complaint on this issue and I should return it for a new one. I cannot see how a new one would be any different, since they are all made the same way. The only solutions I see is to either drill out the hole in the fixed base (would void warranty) or figure out a new way to mount the D/C adapter (a countersunk flat head screw will not work because the acrylic adapter is too thin).