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TS2400LS PLUS Router table?

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  • TS2400LS PLUS Router table?

    Hi, I am new here.just got the ts2400ls days ago and finished the floor projects at home.Thinking about doing more.
    One idea is does anyone know if it possible to add a router table to this table saw? any suggestions and pics will help a lot...

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    I have heard of somebody adding a router table in the open portion of the sliding top. When the support tops are open you can put a table in between the two pieces and then close them together. In this way you can use the TS fence.

    Hope this is clear.


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      There was a forum thread on adding a router table to the ts2400, with pictures of a couple of approachs. Do a search on ts2400 and router table. I think the topic occurred late last summer or early fall.

      My router table insert into the open space when the wing is moved out is shown, along with some other ideas.


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        Here it is.
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          Those pics are great. I'd love to make a run at something like that for my 2400. Soo, any chance of getting an answer to Papdan's last question from that thread:

          "How about some details on the sizes and inserts guys?"