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Rigid 2400 vs Dewalt 744

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  • Rigid 2400 vs Dewalt 744

    I am in the market for a table saw and right now the Rigid 2400 is at the top of the list. I have taken the Bosch of my list but am still considering the Dewalt.

    The Rigid is $599 but there is a sale on the Dewalt right now for $499, so I'm considering it more. Yes its only $100 difference but still significant enough to consider. Note all in Canadian dollars.

    Can anyone provide some comparisons between the 2400 and the 744?

    If the 2400 is better, why and most importantly do you think it is $100 better. Off the top, one thing I like about the Rigid is the stand i.e. wheels.


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    I don't know much about the dewalt, but a google search shows a very light, weak looking stand that has to be purchased extra. That will eat into the price differenc by about $60. The Ridgid stand is very strong and with its wheels, very mobile. Looks like the dewalt saw has to be carried and set onto the stand for use. The Ridgid is rolled into place and just flipped up into position for use. I have had my 2400 for a few years now and would not trade it for any saw out there.
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      I thought the 2400 costs $449?


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        In Calgary the Ridgid planer is $499.00 The Dewalt 735 three head two speed planer is $599.00 (just bought one on saturday and it is awesome). i wouyld double check the prices on the planers.




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          Check the thickness of the table (staying true), thickness of the plastic on the base (durability and stability), and distance from front of table to blade (unless all you plan to do is rip cuts), and check out how well you like the fence. The stand on the Ridgid is a definite plus if you plan to move it a lot. Its your decision.
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