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  • Dado blade question

    Hi everyone:

    I apologize if this question has been asked before. I'm getting ready to buy a Dado blade. The one I'm looking at is the SD206 by Freud. The problem is that lately I've been reading how quite a few people have had problems with this blade and their saw's arbor. My saw is a TS3650. If anyone can tell me more about this problem I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks very much,

    Mary Jo

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    This thread is one of the most informative for this topic:

    You can check out the last 2 or 3 pages where there are some pictures of a bad Arbor and a good one (bad one is on the left). If you bought the saw somewhat recently you most likely will not have an arbor problem.

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      Don't know if it still can be had for this amount but yesterday I was checking the price of the SD206 at Amazon and it it was selling for $60 and some change. Best price I've seen on the SD206 in quite awhile.
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        Looking at Amazon today and the $61.98 price is after a $30 discount for opening an Amazon Visa card account and using that to pay for it !

        Another question for folks - would this be a good blade choice for my TS2400 too ?

        Actually I just looked again, and it now showing a price of $60.82 plus a possible $30 discount as described !!! Total with discount is $30.82.
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