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Any suggestions on modifying 3650 switch?

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  • Any suggestions on modifying 3650 switch?

    I want to be able to easily shut off the TS3650 with a kick of the knee or the tap of a paddle but the switch on this saw is different from the one's I've seen where it allows you to build or make a wooden paddle for easy access. Has anyone done this sort of modification without having to change out the entire on/off switch assembly? Pictures would be appreciated so I could get some ideas. Thanks.

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    I have the switch for my 3650 on the left side of the rail and I can shut the saw off by using my thigh without any problem. The switch is easy to shut off this way, almost too easy. I am fairly tall (6'4") so it may be that my height is a help here.
    If you want to modify the switch I would guess that because of the angle that the switch is at you would need to go to a different switch altogether or at least move the switch to a different location. I am not sure but I would expect that this would likely void your warranty for the saw.



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      I just replaced mine with a Switch from ROUSSEAU. It was made for router tables, but works great on the 3650.
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