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router and fence for router table question

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  • router and fence for router table question

    I have purchased the mule cab router table that mounts on a TS that I will be mounting on the right side of my TS3650.

    I bought the Freud router fence sight unseen on Amazon (during their crazy discount days) , but am disappointed - it isn't what I was expecting. I was looking for something aluminum with t-tracks for featherboards. I can resell this if I find the right replacement.

    I have a bosch 1617evs combo, (which I am disappointed to find does not have a spindle lock) and also am not sure how to go on the router. It would be a pain to have to bolt it and unbolt it from the router plate each time I switch from the table to hand use.

    It looks to me like the jessem rout r lift FX is made to connect directly by clamping to the Bosch motor - without having to worry about bolting the base to a mounting plate. I wrote to Jessem to ask them if this was correct; they never replied.

    Another choice would be to buy something like the Hitachi M12V 3+ HP and mount it permanently to the table, and get a rout-r raizer for less money that the jessem (but be overall more money when you add in the Hitachi).

    Another choice would be the Freud 2 1/4HP or Milwaukee routers that can be raised from the top of the table without any other attachment. ANd I hear that Ridgid is also coming out with one like this.

    So what is the best combo and why - a: my existing bosch with the Jessem, b: a second dedicated router 3+ HP plus the raizer, or c: a second dedicated router like the Freud or upcoming Ridgid with built-in adjustment?

    ANd what about the fence? I could kick myself - Craftsman was clearing out their professional fence - which was all aluminum with t-tracks - around Christmas for $20 something, but I didn't feel right buying it without owning a table. I am sure it could have been adapted to the mule table. Mulecab has their own fence, but I don't see how a featherboard attaches to it either.

    I hope I haven't asked any ignorant questions - I think I have an idea of what I am talking about!

    I'll also ask this question on another forum to get the most opinions- sorry for double-dipping!