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  • Planer

    I was looking on the Ridgid site for a surface planer and can only come up with the owners manual (tp1300). Also searched Home Depot site, it comes up as a Ridgid planer, but has the wrong picture and says its not in stock (check your local store). I was just wondering if Ridgid dicontinued the planer, or is maybe coming out with a new model. Does anyone have any info? Is this a good chance to get a great deal on a clearance item or should i stay clear of the old one and wait for a new model? Thank you

    P.S. Im considering the Ridgid first - extremely happy with both my TS3650 and my BS1400!!!

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    Here is a link on the Ridgid website to the TP1300 planer:

    It is listed under the jobsite tools catagory......which I guess it could be, although I had expected it to be more likely under benchtop or stationary tools. Several of the HD in my area carry them and have them on display in the stores.

    You are right though, the HD website has the planer picture listed as a finish nailer and the nailer description/price. I am sure this is just a mistake on their website though and it is not being discontinued.

    Still enjoying all 10 fingers!