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ridgid right angle drill is it anygood

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  • ridgid right angle drill is it anygood

    Hey has anyone used ridgid's corded right angle drill. Is it anygood or what. What about the cordless, does it last long enough.

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    I have the 12Volt

    but I couldn't tell you about usage. I am only a weekend warrior so my usage is not heavy duty. I have used it a couple of times already and it is good in my book. It is actually an impact drill, because normally you can't get enough pressure behind the head (b/c it's long and skinny) you can hear the impact kick in when the screw is going to strip.


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      Right angle cordless

      I am a weekend woodworker and home remodeler. I have the right angle cordless driver and it works well. The 12 volt battery is not a bad size and the charger will charge quickly. If you are looking for a drill and driver look else where, because the impact portion of the driver can not be shut off. I have used the driver in some tight spaces during my kitchen remodel and found it would drive most screws easily. The trick as with most drivers is not stripping the screw heads.


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        No complaints here. I was without an impact driver for a couple of weeks so the only thing I had was the 12v right angle from ridgid (cordless). I build a storage shed and a patio overhang with it. It works great and very durable but not the most comfortable cause it takes two hands to use it. Great as a second impact driver for tight spots but i would not recommend it as your primary impact.


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          I bought the right-angle impact and drill combo when they were on clearance and I returned it because I felt the impact was too awkward to use in woodworking. It required a second hand to apply pressure to the business end of the tool or it would simply slip out, maybe I was just too weak in the wrist to utilize it properly. I have no doubt it would be a great tool for mechanical applications where sockets and such wouldn’t require any down force to keep them seated. The drill seemed to be a nice little drill though, for the short time I had it.



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            The cordless is not a drill it is an impact driver with 780inch pounds of torque.
            havent used the right angle drill


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              (12 volt r.angle impact) I am a drywaller . It has performed flawlessly for me in those hard to reach niches and tray ceilings where you normally can't get a screw in the sheetrock . Love this tool . The battery seems to hold up fine for the amount of specialty things I use it for . I just simply charge it in between since the battery doesn't create a memory .
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