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Cleaning rollers on the TP1300LS

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  • Cleaning rollers on the TP1300LS

    I've read on here that guys use rubbing alcohol to clean the rollers on the planer to help with the feed rate. Would mineral spirits work as well or is alcohol the best solution for the rollers? Thanks.

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    I have always used alcohol and green scotchbrite scrub pads mostly because alcohol does not leave a film when it evaporates, mineral spirits might but I don't know for sure. I also use a product called Rubber Renue that brings glazed rollers back to better than new condition.


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      Use the proper cleaner.

      Be careful with alcohol, as it might dry out the surface of the rollers.

      I use to work for an electronics repair center and we would use a specific cleaner to clean tape deck and reel/reel pinch rollers because alcohol would dry them out, but the name escapes my memory.

      Cheers Glenn