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    Anyone have the unfortunate opportunity to test Ridgid's warranty lately? I just purchased a TS 3650 and had it completely together before I found the rip fence locking lever busted off the fence - Doh. Of course, it was too late to take the saw back to HD and am now dealing with Ridgid to get a replacement part. Apparently it takes 7 to 10 business days, a little long for my taste.

    In any event, based on the experience of others in the forum, can I actually expect to receive my replacement part in 7 to 10 business days without needing to hassle Ridgid, or should I just buck up and go to one of the local repair shops and just and buy the $10.00 part (just guessing that's the price), if that's an option.



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    Why is it too late to take it back to HD? You have a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. You can just take the fence back and get a new one, you don't have to take the whole saw back.
    7-10 business days isn't unreasonable for a replacement part. Not real great either.
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      Funny you should have that particular problem, but the solution is simple enough. I was just in my local HD and noticed that their display model had a broken lock lever on the fence. I mentioned it to on of the sales guys I know and asked if perhaps an over zealous customer had broke it... he told be that a customer just bought a saw and discovered the fence was broken. He called the store, and they took the fence off the display (it was just put up on a month ago) and swapped it for him

      So, give your HD a call and give them a chance to make things right with you.



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        I actually thought about checking with HD to see if they would switch out the lever on the display. I need to go to HD this weekend. I'll bring my broken fence with me and see what they can do for me.


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          still waiting for warranty

          I bought a Ridgid R-2600 disc sander about a year ago from HD. A month ago it just stopped dead. I suspect the electronic speed control is snafu. After some digging (the Ridgid service phone said I only had a 90-day warranty, but I quoted them the 1-year and HD's lifetime coverage) I was able to identify a local service shop and took the sander to them. They promised they would call me within two weeks.

          I called them after three weeks and they said that they had not heard from Ridgid yet.

          I just called them after four weeks and they still have not heard from Ridgid. I have not mentined their name because they said that after they clear the items they have in their shop, they will be dropping support for Ridgid products due to poor support.

          Good luck with your warranty claims.


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            Actually, my part arrived on the 10 business day after requesting it. Not unreasonable, but not great either especially when talking about a part that was busted out of the box. I just had a assemble it yourself bookcase arrive with a busted side piece. A new one arrived with in 5 business days.

            I'll reserve judgment on the quality of the Ridgid warranty iuntil I need a major part replaced.


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              Well nothing broken on saw.

              But on the Planer the clear plastic piece that lets you look at the height was broken went to HD and same guy that sold it to me took one off the display model and gave it to me.
              So try it should help you out on it as would you buy a car with a broken door handle and not get one before you left.

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