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I'm confused about ridgid tools on this site

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  • I'm confused about ridgid tools on this site

    I do not understand and perhaps I'm asking a silly questions:

    1. How come only some of the ridgid 18v tools are listed on this site? and
    only a few provide operating manuals and other specific information?

    2. When I send an e-mail to this site asking about a power tool they refer
    me to an 800 number and indicate they, this site, does not support the
    specific tool?

    3. They offer the 18v impact driver model r84230 with a tool package but do
    not offer it by itself nor do they even recognize it on this site under 18v
    power tools? I want to get one to keep all my batteries standard. I do not
    want to have 12v, 14v, and 18v, batteries. I am trying to have only the
    ridgid 18v battery and tools...just my personal preference.

    4. I have the 18v power planer and this site does not show an owner's
    manual or parts diagram?

    I thought ridgid tools are "ridgid tools" and Home Depot carries the specific line. I go to different stores here in Glendale AZ. and I find some tools are offered and sometimes they are only offered on the Home Depot website, although often they are back ordered and tell you to visit your local store.

    I feel like I'm running in circles here!

    Any thoughts?????


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    because they are just throwing mud on the walls

    to see what sticks, how long, and then they will act on it.

    they might be having a hard time getting the owners manual from the company in CHINA that made the thing.


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      It's frustrating that they don't have all the tools available. I started with the 18v combo kit that came with the impact driver. I was looking at the cordless jigsaw. That would have been a nice addition but they don't sell it now. You can find them on ebay but they've gotten popular lately and are selling for more than their original selling price.

      Some of the people selling on ebay are people who bought combo kits and are selling off parts they don't need. Some are dealers who are just parting out the combo kits. I thought about doing that because they have a drill/jigsaw combo at HD, then sell the drill on ebay.

      But thats a hassel.

      I understand the manufacters problem, you have all these tools and it costs money to market/distribute them and if something doesn't sell well enough you phase it out. They should have mail order off their web site for any tool. Just sell the part you want out of a combo kit in a plain box.