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RIDGID AC2040 AC 2040 Sanding Wheel

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  • RIDGID AC2040 AC 2040 Sanding Wheel


    Does anyone have any experience with this wheel that will convert your table saw to a disc sander? Is it heavy and stiff (made with a steel plate?) or flexible? Will it take replacement sandpaper discs or is the abrasive integral with the wheel? Finally, my TS 3650 is NOT specifically listed as compatible with this wheel? Is there a good reason for that or will it work anyway? I can't seem to find any info on the Net ...

    There is a guy on ebay selling what he calls a "percision balanced" sanding wheel. It is a 10 inch 1/8" thick steel plate that receives sandpaper discs. Is there any reason to beleive this is a bad idea?

    All thoughts are appreciated! Thank you!


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    If you want to see what one of these looks like stop by Sears and look in the tool section with the sanding belts and discs. You should have no problem using the Craftsman sanding disc.

    By the time you get done dealing with that guy on eBay, shipping, etc you could have been to work and finished if you get the Craftsman sanding disc.

    If you were very lucky you might find one of the Ridgid discs at a HD, but I find that highly unlikely. They are probably made by the same vendor anyway.

    Look for:

    Craftsman 10 in. Sanding Wheel
    Sears item #00922723000 Mfr. model #22723

    It retails for about $16
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      It should work fine, one disadvantage is your table saw speed is approximately double of what a wood sander should be, so it will probably remove stock quite rapidly.



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        Thank you for your thoughts!


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          Freud sells 8" and 10" calibration/sanding discs that can be used to mount adhesive back sanding disks or the machined side can be used to align your arbor to the table/mitre slot. Go to click on "woodworking" tab, then Saw blades, then accessories ;

          Haven't tried it but both sizes will fit the 5/8 arbor. They also list sanding disks on the same page.

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