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Did I screw up?

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  • Did I screw up?

    First post here, hope I'm in the right forum.

    And I did screw up, the question is if I can fix this or not.

    Back at the end of last November I purchaed the 4 piece combo at HD. They didn't have any of the LSA forms and told me to register online. I registerd online and waited for my material & LSA card to arrive, it never did.

    So I go back to my "eBox" and look around. There I seee that registering online wasn't all I needed to do, I also needed to send in the UPC and receipt. It looks like I failed to do that in 90 days. So am I SOL? Anyway I can still register?


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    Just give Ridgid Customer Service a call and ask them what you need to do to register. From readings on this forum, it would appear that you can still register your tool if you have a copy of the original receipt. The receipt seems to be more important to them then the UPC codes. Good luck.
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