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Ridgid CM1450 Cut Off Machine

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  • Ridgid CM1450 Cut Off Machine

    Hello,I just bought this and would anyone know how it compares to the Dewalt chop saw...Thorne...Calgary...

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    thorne, a chop saw is a chop saw. basically the benefit of one over the other is the ease in adjusting the fence from a 90 degree cut off, (most common) to the different angles.

    i own a few chop saw and a dewalt multicutter. the multicutter uses a carbide tipped blade that cuts clean, fast, very little sparks and no heat. the blade is very expensive and can be resharpened. there is no wear down effect with this type of blade.

    ridgid also makes a carbide cutting machine. it's a model #614 dry cut machine 14''.

    phoebe it is


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      Chop Saw

      I did not think the Ridged was that good so I went and bought a top of the line Dewalt chop saw..Got it home and tested it out...Found it to be very tiney,I was not happy at all with it..Its going back..Thorne..Calgary...