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  • Power screwdriver

    What is the difference between a power screwdriver and a power drill?

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    how it is used

    I power screwdriver, generally called a screwgun, holds bits with 1/4" hex shanks. It has an adjustible nozzle and a clutch. This allows the screws to be driven to a consistent depth. Though the motor keeps running, the drive stops at the correct depth. This is normally used for installing drywall.

    A drill will hold a driver bit just fine. The operator must guage the depth of drive for each screw. The clutch, if there is one, works completely differently.

    The clutch in a screwgun is effected by pressure applied against the bit, not torque, but applied pressure. The clutch on a drill is effected by torque, not applied pressure.


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      big thom that is the best answer i think i ever heard of to this question
      9/11/01, never forget.