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Ridgid 1210 Oiler problems

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  • Ridgid 1210 Oiler problems

    My 1210 threader is puting out way too much oil when threading. is their a way to turn it down a little?

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    I donot see an adjustment on the pump .this pump is a gerotor pump and they dont go bad often unless it has worn into the pump housing. are you using the proper oil? maybe your oil viscosity has thinned and its time to change it .but alot of oil is usually a good thing when threading.
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      I know this is called an oiless threader and you are suppose to use ridgid coolant and oiless gold dies.if no one else can help you on this then monday i will be talking to ridge tech and i will ask about your problem.
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        i have this threader. there is a black rubber seal approx. 5/16'' round that you pluck out and then adjust the screw tighter. the plug is located in the carriage by the reamer. it's the only black rubber plug there.

        keep in mind the fluid should drip enough and then evaporate upon contact. personally i have mine set a little bit more. fluid is cheaper than dies.

        also there is the little popit that starts the flow. this is located where the threading dies contacts the carriage when threading. it's in the lower part of the channel. you can press down on this button to test the flow without threading.

        hope this helps.

        phoebe it is


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          Hey rick ,thanks on that info i have never worked on one of these threaders before.
          A fishing pole is the best cordless tool!


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            Thanks for the help, I'm using the correct oil and the gold dies, however, the storage container is emptying out about every couple of hours threading. And the cup(for lack of a better word) in the bottom that catches the shaving has more oil than scraps....this is sure not "oiless" I will try to find the adjustment mentioned. Again thanks for the help. Mark