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What is a cordless Impact Dril used for?

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  • What is a cordless Impact Dril used for?

    I just won a silent auction for a 5 piece Ridgid cordless set. I am a homeowner but sell hand tools and electrical products for a living so I know what the circular saw, reciprocating saw, hammer drill and light are used for, but what the heck is the impact drill for? I hope someone can help! LOL!

    Until the next time, See Ya! Jerrold.

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    First of all it isn't a drill, its an impact driver. Basically, its used to drive screws and works very well for general construction type projects like deck building, etc. For woodworking projects you'll need a light touch on the trigger due to the lack of an adjustable clutch on impact drivers. Ever since I acquired the Ridgid 14.4V impact driver it has become my tool of choice for driving in most screws.
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      nuts and bolts

      Impact driver/ drills make short work of nuts and bolts. What would normally take you minutes with a crescent or a ratchet, the impact can do in seconds. Lug nuts on your wheels, anchor bolts - lags, carriage, j-bolt fastening, etc. If you have stubborn nuts with a little lubricant to the threads this driver can get it undone if not break the bolt off completely.


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        I use mine for just about everything, if it has a 1/4" shank it is used with the impact instead of a drill. That includes drilling holes. I have even used it to drill large deep holes with a forestner bit. I had to drill 2 1/2" holes 8" deep so I put a hex to 3/8" socket adapter on, then and 8" extension then a 7/16" socket and inserted the hex end of the forestner into that. Worked like a charm, actually drilled easier than with a regular drill


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          When framing with steel studs An impact driver makes the work much faster. I have used mine to remove my car door to fix the electrical problem. I barely use my 18v drill since i got the impact driver.

          Simply put it is a wonderful tool to use!
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            WOW! Thanx guys!

            I appreciate all the answers guys! Since I am only used to a drill I had no idea that an impact drill can be used like an older "deck" drill. OK, so now what do I do with the 18V Hammer Drill with the 22 position clutch? LOL!!!!

            Until the next time, See Ya! Jerrold.