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Bad design flaw on Ridgid r2400 router

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  • Bad design flaw on Ridgid r2400 router

    FYI anyone who owns this machine might want to return it if possible;

    I bought the Ridgid 2400 mini router a couple of months ago to use on making a huuuuuge dollhouse for my three year old.

    Price was right and the reviews on the web were decent.

    Unfortunately there is a bad design flaw in the depth adjustment which I discovered after routing 6 dadoes for the dollhouse. Eventhough I had cranked the depth adjustment as tight as it would go (to lock it in place) all six dadoes were different depths. In other words the depth setting slips as the tool works and gets deeper and deeper.

    Went back on the web and found a couple of reviews that admit this.
    Long story short, I took it back to HD under my 90 day sat guarantee, got my money back and bought the Bosch Colt (which LOCKS the depth) and which for a few bucks more is much higher rated.

    Bottom line is Ridgid screwed up but HD made it right and Bosch got my money. lol

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    Originally posted by Tall_Canuck
    FYI...Bosch got my money. lol

    The Colt is a great little router. Now, if they'll just make a plunge base for it....
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