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R82320 Bit broke now its stuck?

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  • R82320 Bit broke now its stuck?

    I was working the other day on my truck and I ended up breaking the bit that I was using. Well I twisted it and broke past the quick chuck sleeve. Has any one had this problem and how do I get that bit out? I have tried a magnet (didn’t work, but was worth a try) I tried taping the bit and then pull it out but the bit is harden steel good luck taping that. I have thought about tearing it apart and try from the back, but first I thought I would ask if anyone has else has had this problem and what you did to get the dang thing out.

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    I think you have already tried this but pull the chuckup like you are loading the bit and hold it open and tap on it.if that fails again then you have to take the snap ring off and the spacer and the 2 balls out,be carefull not to loose the steel balls then the broken bit should fall right out. now if i had it in the shop i might put it in the vise upside down and put a little heat to it and open the chuck and then tap on it. good luck. there is a parts breakdown on the power tool site that you can follow.
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      Thank you that chart was exactly what I was looking for. I will give it a go tonight and see where I get.