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    RE: Grinders

    you bought a DeFault???? why on earth would you do that???? Good luck with that!!


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      Originally posted by woodslayer
      I finally got around to purchasing an Angle Grinder and decided on this one
      I got it for $78 delivered to my door, it is real smooth with plenty of power and does it ever like to scream but I think that is the nature of the beast. The body also gets quite warm after about 20 minutes of running, I don’t know if that is attributable to the 10 amps of it is indicative of that type of tool. Thanks to all who helped with my decision, I probably ended up with more tool than I needed but that never hurt anyone.

      I have that same grinder. I did get mine for free on a rotary hammer promotion that had the option of a free grinder so i didn't really care. After using it though I've discovered how nice and well designed it is, not to mention it packs plenty of power at 10 amps. It's completely tool less for blade changes and guard adjustments which is on of the things I find most annoying in grinders having to get wrenches and screw drivers to change things. The front casing position can be changed in relation to the body which has proven quite useful. I also liked the paddle switch much better that the usual inconviniently placed slide switch of most others.
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        Thanks for the endorsement on my decision. I thought that the rotating head/body feature was pretty cool but I have been a little timid about attempting it after reading the manual which stated something to the effect of “while separating the head from the body take caution to not separate by more than a ¼ inch, doing so may require a trip to the service center”. But if it works pretty easy I’ll have to give it a try.