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    Wheel barrel compressor - 114 views w/ 2 replies
    Ridgid air tools - 21 views w / 0 replies

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    Gotta give this a little time. Not a lot of pneumatics users on the forum yet. New tool groups take a while for everyone to start purchasing them. Let alone having used them long enough to give you a solid review.


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      I might have missed something, but I am waiting for a Ridgid framing nailer. Full head not clipped.
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        Feed back guy needs and will be more patient

        Don't mean to undermine any tradesmen on this forum. If my commo skills were more refined I'd probably take up public speaking, work in an office, and have updated versions of MS word, excel, and power point. But since woodworking keeps pulling me back in, just trying to go with the natural flow.

        Just thought to mention the gas powered wheel barrel compressor sure looks like an impressive powerplant on wheels.

        Really would appreciate downsides anyone cares to share about owning one of these.

        Thanks for your consideration.


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          One big downside would be the price of gas. That is of course if electricity is also a viable option.
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            i own an emglo 5.5 h.p gas compressor. the 5.5 gas is comparable to a 2 h.p. electric compressor. as long as you don't let the gas engine sit idle too long with gas in it, it works fine. if you store it too long, the fuel goes bad and the machine is useless.

            unless you don't have power at the jobsite, i would stick with electric. very little to go bad while sitting. plus the better machines have an unloader that allows the electric motor to run under no load. this keeps the motor running and keeps the motor from restarting under load.

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              If you use Sta-Bil in the gas, it won't go bad for over a year, and also will keep varnish from builing up in the carburetor. Just a tip
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                [quote=Gofor]If you use Sta-Bil in the gas, it won't go bad for over a year, and also will keep varnish from builing up in the carburetor. Just a tip[/quote

                i own dozens of gas powered tools and equipment. stabil is ok for short storage. removing the gas is the best and running the tool till it dies out. too many times i've had to repair the carb. infact the gas hose has rotted on a few occasions. on a 2 stroke 14'' cut off saw, it's a pain to replace the hoses (2). i found it better to drain and save the pain.

                plus this way it's always fresh and the little bit of oil mixes fine with the 35 gallons in my truck. i only mix up 1 gallon of 2 stroke at a time and use it or dump it in the truck.

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