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batteries falling off

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  • batteries falling off

    I have the 14.4 v x2 cordless drill. I was drilling some 1 1/4 holes with a spade bit & the drill was bouncing around more than usual & the battery kept on falling off of the drill, I switched batteries & it still did it. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I've done this before with my old dewalt cordless & never had this happen.

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    Can you also remove the battery by just pulling it off the drill without depressing the release buttons? If you can then I'd say the problem lies with the catch mechanism on the drill and not the batteries as you're having trouble with both batteries.

    If the drill is newer than 90 days, just return it to HD for a replacement. If older than 90 days, you need to take it to a Ridgid approved service center for repair.
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