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Compare Ridgid vs Shop Vac wall hung cacuums

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  • Compare Ridgid vs Shop Vac wall hung cacuums

    Compare Ridgid vs ShopVac wall hung vacuums

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    My wife picked me up the shop-vac model from an Amazon Friday sale for $65. I hung it in the middle of the rafters in the garage and hooked it up to one of the remote control plugs that Ace had on sale for like $10 last year.
    Good Points
    It convenient because I can reach any spot in the garage without moving the vacuum
    It has plenty of suction for small woodworking tools like sanders, biscuit joiners small profile routing jobs and small cleanups including a quick cleaning of the car.
    Bad Points
    It’s LOUD
    Mounting like I did requires retrieving it from the rafters to empty or clean it.
    Nowhere near enough suction for large jobs and only has small opening (1” or 1.25”).
    Did I mention it’s loud?
    Bottom line is that it is nice to have as a complement to your primary vacuum but will not suffice as a primary. I don’t have any experience with the Ridgid model.