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  • Help with edge guide

    Hi does any one have a Milwaukee router edge guide ? I am asking because I own the Ridgid router and I need an edge guide Milwaukee says that their edge is universal perhaps if someone owns one they can tell me the standard hole spacing for the guide so I can see if it will fit my Ridgid thanks alot ! Anthony

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    I don't have the Milwaukee edge guide, but I just tried the guide for my Porter-Cable 690 and it fits. The model number for the PC guide is 42160, and they carry them (well, at least they use to) at Home Depot.


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      guide help

      thanks I apprciate the help . I just sold a pc guide . I have a Millwaukee router and the holes are the same size and align perfectly. Now I am keeping it ,it really is a nice router thanks again


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        Well maybe Ridgid wised up on the full size router and made the guide rod spacing the same as PC and Milwaukee, that would be good if you have more than one make router.

        They were not that thoughtful when they made their trim router though, its just a bit off and the rods are a different diameter.
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