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Question about 10" CMS fence alignment

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  • Question about 10" CMS fence alignment

    Sheesh I'm starting a lot of threads lately.

    Anyways, I've had my CMS for a month or two now, and I've just dealt with the blade being one degree out of square with the fence because, frankly, it's been good enough for me.

    HOWEVER I'm about to start putting up crown moulding and I know from experience that that one degree is going to kick my *** once I start cutting the crown. The problem is that the sliding auxiliary fence isn't coming off (I don't know how to remove it) and it's covering up one of the adjustment screws for the fence - I've loosened the set screw that is supposedly holding the aux sliding fence in, but the fence still won't come off or even reveal that screw.

    Little help please?