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Life time registration & HD rebate with one UPC???

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  • Life time registration & HD rebate with one UPC???

    I just purchased some ridgid tools from Home depot over the weekend while there tools promotion was going one. I purchased a 14.4v ridgid impact drill and a ridgid spindle sander. My question is:
    How have you guys turned in your forms when both the HD gift card rebate and the ridgid warranty require the original UPC from the package?
    The people at HD had no clue!!!
    I purchased the tool based on both promotions, the gift card and the life time warranty.
    By the way I love the impact drill, what a tool.

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    Use the original UPC to apply for the gift card and a copy of the UPC code to apply for the LSA.

    EDIT: You can register tools over the internet but you still must mail in a copy of the UPC and the sales receipt to register for the LSA.
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      But it states on both to include the original UPC


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        You asked how others have handled it and what I said is what others have done. It wouldn't be a bad idea to include a little explanation in your cover letter to Ridgid stating why they are only getting a copy and not the original. They, Ridgid, have been very understanding and lenient about accepting copies of UPC's. HD on the other hand has been known to deny gift card applications if their criteria isn't followed 100% to the letter.

        Back to the cover letter to Ridgid, when applying for the LSA coverage, I recommend you include at least the following information;

        1. Copy of the UPC
        2. Copy of the HD sales receipt
        3. Model # of tool purchased
        4. Serial # of tool purchased
        5. Ridgid ID# that was assigned to your tool at the time you registered it.
        6. Your Ridgid eBox login name.

        In approximately 8-10 weeks you should receive in the mail your LSA registration card & number. Keep this card in a place that you'll remember where you put it as you will need it if any of your tools ever need servicing or you need a new battery.

        One final thing, welcome to the forum.
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          Thanks Dave, I knew I could count on you for the answer.


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            i have not sent in any of my UPCs, does that mean i dont have covarage on them? i got the card in the mail. what can i do now? all my boxes but one are all ashes now. i thought that if i used the internet that i diddnt have to send anything in via snail mail.


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              xSTARKISTx, if you got the card then you're good to go. Check your eBox for confirmation that your tools are registered in the LSA program.
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                just came from hd and was looking at the OSCILLATING EDGE BELT / SPINDLE SANDER. have you used it yet and is any good or does anyone else know anything about it
                thanks fredbo