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Best Circular saw blade for veneer plywood

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  • Best Circular saw blade for veneer plywood

    Hi all.
    Can somebody recommend a good Circular saw blade for Veneered Plywood.
    7 1/4"

    Without to much chip out.

    PS Happy Easter all
    Not responsible for speeling mistakes

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    There are some good tips here for a TS but some should work for a CS.
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      Use a Quality high tooth count plywood blade and make sure you are cutting from the back side of the ply. Circular saws cut up , where a TS cuts down. Don't forget to reverse your measurements for cutting the back of the ply.
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        I have a Milwaukee Endurance 40 tooth blade model # 48-40-4128 mounted on mine and I am very satisfied with the results it provides. I have used it on ¼”, ½” and ¾” oak and cherry ply and it has yielded splinter free results every time. I have no idea who makes their blades for them; I bought it along with a Milwaukee 3690-21 from Amazon a few years ago and haven’t had to replace or sharpen it yet (obviously it is not my most frequently used tool).



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          Forrest and Freud both make 7-1/4" blades. The Freud D0740X should do very well and is reasonably priced.


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            Thanks to all

            Well sounds good yes PapaDan will do Gosh I have to write that down never can seem to remember that thing reverse on Circular saw.

            Really I can't must be age.

            Will head to HD This morning and get one of those blades.

            I have to admit I did buy a cheap set at HF yesterday getting those Latex gloves for $3.99.

            But for $4.00 and 3 blades think will keep them for 3/4 underlayment
            Not responsible for speeling mistakes