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Ridgid sliding compound miter saw

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  • Ridgid sliding compound miter saw

    I just purchased a Ridgid 12" double bevel sliding compound miter saw. I currently do finish work using a miter saw without a slide. I was told there is a lot of play in the sliding miter saws and therefore are not the best for finish work. I haven't used the saw yet becaused it arrived damaged and has to be retured. Any ideas?

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    Never had that problem with mine.


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      sliding miter saw play? NOT!

      I've got a Bosch sliding compound miter saw and do a lot of very precise work with it, including picture frames in exotic hardwoods and crown moldings. I've never experienced any play in the slide mechanism. None at all!

      When going through the decision process that led me to the Bosch saw, I played with a number of other slide/compound saws, and play in the slide mechanism was never an issue with an of them.

      A 12" saw is pretty huge for most applications, especially if you are worried about any innacuracies caused by things like play in the slide mechanism. My 10" saw goes through a 4 x 10 like it was butter, and yet treats delicate pieces of Hawaiian Koa as if it was a surgical instrument.

      Fret not about play in the slide mechanisms!
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        Why use a 12" mitre to do finish work? I'm asking because have only seen these used in stick framing 2x12 and stock that cannot be cut with the traditional 10".
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          i'm extremely happy with my metabo kgs305. it's a 12 inch slider made in Germany, and is known for precision. nice 3 year warranty.

          i was tempted by the price of the ridgid 12 slider and the life time warranty, but after hearing the horror stories of warranty claims, and knowing that ryobi makes it didn't settle too well.

          i purchased mine for $599 even, from a local shop who matches online prices. has the best price. additionally, there is a tool store on ebay selling them for $519 plus shipping.

          i cut copious stretchers and frames for my artwork and other projects, it's simply a beautiful machine. very happy with it, and the fact that it's made in germany--and not china.